Treaty with Amir Habibullah Khan continuing the Agreements which had existed between the British Government and Amir Abdur Rahman Khan.

He is God, Extolled be His Perfection

His Majesty Siraj-ul-milat-wa-ud-din Amir Habibullah Khan, Independent King of the State of Afghanistan and its dependencies, on the one part, and the Honourable Mr. Louis William Dane, C.S.I., Foreign Secretary of the Mighty Government of India and Representative of the Exalted British Government on other part.

His side Majesty hereby agree to this that, in the principles and in the meters of subsidiary importance of the treaty regarding internal and external affairs and of the engagements which His Highness, my later father, that is , Zia-ul-milat-wa-ud-din, who has found mercy, may God enlighten his tomb concluded and acted upon with the Exalted British Government, I also have acted, am acting and will act upon the same agreement and compact, and I will not contravene them in any dealing or in any promise.

The said Honourable Mr. Louis William Dane does hereby agree to this that as to the very agreement and engagement which the Exalted British Government concluded and acted upon with the noble father of His Majesty Siraj-ul-milat-wa-ud-din, that is, High Highness Ziaul-millat-wa-ud-din, who has found mercy, regarding the internal and external affairs and matters of principle or of subsidiary importance, I confirm them and write that they (the British Government) will not act contrary to those agreements and engagements in any way or at any time.

Made on Tuesday the 14th day of Muharram-ul-Haram of the year 1323 Hijri, corresponding to the 21st day of March of the year 1905 A.D.

(Persian seal of Amir Habibullah Khan)

This is correct, I have sealed and signed.



Foreign Secretary representing Govt. of India