Treaty of Peace between the illustrious British Government and the Independent Afghan Government concluded at Rawalpindi on the 8th August 1919, corresponding to the 11th Zirada, 1337 Hijra.

The following Articles for the restoration of peace have been agreed upon by the British Government and the Afghan Government :-

Article 1

From the date of the signing of this Treaty there shall be peace between the British Government, on the one part, and the Government of Afghanistan on the other.

Article 2

In view of the circumstances which have brought about the present war between the British Government and the Government of Afghanistan, the British Government, to mark their displeasure, withdraw the privilege enjoyed by former Amirs of importing arms, ammunition or warlike munitions through India to Afghanistan.

Article 3

The arrears of the late Amir's subsidy are furthermore confiscated, and so subsidy is granted to the present Amir.

Article 4

At the same time, the British Government are desirous of the re-establishment of the old friendship that has so long existed between Afghanistan and Great Britain, provided they have guarantees that the Afghan Government are, on their part, sincerely anxious to regain the friendship of the British Government. The British Government are prepared, therefore, provided the Afghan Government prove this by their acts and conduct, to receive another Afghan mission after six months for the discussion and settlement of matters of common interest to the two Governments and the re-establishment of the old friendship on a satisfactory basis.

Article 5

The Afghan Government accept the Indo-Afghan frontier accepted by the late Amir. They further agree to the early demarcation by a British Commission of the undemarcated portion of the line west of the Khyber, where the recent Afghan aggression took place, and to accept such boundary as the British Commission may lay down. The British troops on this side will remain in their present position until such demarcation has been effected.

Ali Ahmad Khan
Commissary for Home Affairs
and Chief of the Peace Delegation
of the Afghan Government

A. H. Grant
Foreign Secretary to the
Government of India and
Chief of the Peace Delegation
of the British Government

(No.7-P.O., dated Rawalpindi, the 8th August 1919)